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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been anti-sock. Fortunately, for me I grew up in laid back, sunny Southern California where owning socks is about as necessary as a winter coat. As my tastes and styles matured, I still shunned wearing socks whenever possible, including the office. Suit, tie, belt, wingtips… still no socks. I even went sockless at my wedding. While I enjoy the look of not wearing socks, I wasn’t fond of the effect it had on both my feet and my shoes. Let’s face it, fabric+feet+friction=sweat. To this day the options are grim for men who seek true “no show” socks. Not being satisfied with the selection and fit of what’s out there, I decided to manufacture my own and thus MS&Co. was born.

Wear them with Toms or wear them with Tod’s, just don’t get caught ridin’ dirty.